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Ugly Old Goat

Trader & Sound Money Advocate

Tone Vays

Derivatives Trader & Bitcoin Educator

Jimmy Song

Bitcoin Developer, Author & Educator

Giacomo Zucco

Bitcoin Educator, Key Note Speaker at Bitcoin Standard Awards

Juan Galt

Bitcoin Educator

Derek Waltchack

Author & Podcaster

Bitcoin Mechanic

Bitcoin Educator, Podcaster and Musician

Gabriel D. Vine

Gabriel D Vine is a musician, writer, and entrepreneur from Los Angeles. Having always been interested in futurology, he went down the Bitcoin rabbit hole in 2013 and never looked back. Gabriel has appeared on numerous panel discussions on YouTube and presented at the Newcastle, UK Bitcoin Meetup as well as the Working Man's Bitcoin Cruise.

Robert Allen

Creator; Bitcoin & Friends, Bitcoin Entrepreneur

Mir Liponi

CEO: Blockchain Lab, Italy

Victor VillicaƱa

Developer, Bitcoin Entrepreneur

Guy Swann

Host: Bitcoin Audible Podcast, Bitcoin Entrepreneur

Bitcoin Motorist

Bitcoin Entrepreneur

Zezo Duarte

Trader, Bitcoin Educator

Gabe Higgins

Author, Bitcoin Entrepreneur

Mike Jarmuz ( Muzz )

Angel Investor | Bitcoiner | Rad Dude | Entrepreneur | Speakeasy Realty | Flowers Cafe | Music Business Veteran | Cat Lover | Pamphleteer | Co-Founder UNCONFISCATABLE & LIGHTNING VENTURES

James (Jimi) Glover

Ex publisher, entrepreneur 30+ years in Baja,, computer, business consulting since 80's, currently building Rancho San Satoshi in Baja Sur. Bitcoin only since 2017.

Joe Saz

CEO Embily USA, Inc.

Aleks Svetski

Founder of, the worlds first Bitcoin-only DCA App. Writer @ Bitcoin Magazine, Bitcoin Times and Host of the Wake Up Podcast